About Us


Friends of the Big Sioux River is on a mission to change the way we all think about our relationship with our river. We want to bring awareness to the plight of this cultural, economic and environmental backbone of Eastern South Dakota. And we’re here to inspire action among all who influence the quality of water within the watershed.

This is about unifying Sioux Falls residents and leaders from all walks of life — all ages, all businesses, anyone with a hope for a better city. And improving water quality is about finding solutions in a positive, collaborative way. It’s about taking responsibility together. Not assigning blame.

The opportunity is to unite and deploy people from all walks of life who share a stake in the improvement of this precious namesake of our city. Stakeholders include anyone who lives, works or plays in an urban, rural, private, commercial, or government setting within the Big Sioux River watershed. This means you.


To reduce urban and rural pollution of the Big Sioux River


We strive to:

  • Swim in the Big Sioux by 2025  
  • Unite South Dakotans under the common goal of safe, healthy water  
  • Educate the public about sources of river pollutants and their effect on the river  
  • Promote landscape practices designed to protect and restore a clean river for all users of the watershed  
  • Protect wildlife habitat  
  • Collaborate with legislators and businesses to influence stewardship of our resources  
  • Recognize community members and stakeholders who invest in a clean riv


Friends of the Big Sioux River strives to combat non-point source pollution. FBSR’s strategy to achieve this goal is through the encouragement of the following practices:

  1. Reducing urban runoff through better landscaping practices and topsoil management
  2. Urging Low Impact Development practices for residences and commercial districts
  3. Implementing riparian strips along waterways
  4. Keeping cattle and livestock waste out of waterways.