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As a resident of eastern South Dakota, your life intimately intersects with the Big Sioux River. Whether it is simply a pretty sight passed on the way to work or the place families create big fish stories, its waters trace the shape of the lives lived in our wonderful city. The Big Sioux River offers countless recreational opportunities from the lights on the Falls in the winter to the paved paths that line its shores. Joggers, bikers, fishermen, kayakers, canoers, swimmers, hunters, campers, and everyone in between can find an offering hand being held out by our river.

With your donation, you are making a difference. Your donation, a tax-deductible contribution, would support the Friends of the Big Sioux River’s day-to-day commitment to change. Your dedication would help us run booths at local stores, create awareness campaigns, reach out to politicians, and much, much more. We can’t wait to show you what we can do.

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