Wetland Enhancement Project

In conjunction with the South Dakota Department of Transportation, Plymouth County (Iowa) Board of Supervisors approved a nine acre deed that will contribute to the 300-acre EC Lipke Wetland Complex along the Big Sioux River.

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Trees or Titans?

After a call for proposals to occupy a three-quarter plot of riverfront property, Sioux Falls has received three proposals. One developer says he will use the space to create the largest building in South Dakota, while the other two are advocating parks and development of Sioux Falls green space.

What should Sioux Falls do?

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A Hobo Reunion

Many people–from all different walks of life–enjoy the banks of the Big Sioux River. Hobo royalty Minneapolis Jewel and Darrel “Tuck” Ray are two people whose lives intersected with the river in a quite unconventional way.

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