FBSR Concerned About State Permits and Pollution Discharges

**The following is a Press Release issued in response to an article on expired water permits in the state of South Dakota

Friends of the Big Sioux River, a non-profit organization working toward improved water quality in the Big Sioux River, is warning that South Dakota’s state agency charged with protecting public health and natural resources from water pollution is inadequately funded and staffed to fulfill its statutory obligations.

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Oil Spill in Iowa

Recently, in Doon, Iowa, 230,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into a flooded Little Rock River from a train derailment, endangering drinking water supplies. This spill will impact the lower Big Sioux and Missouri rivers. As emergency crews work to clean up the spill and mitigate any further damage, it is important to understand the negative impacts of our current energy supply. Is oil worth more than our drinking water? Would wind or solar power cause the same damage? Read more about this spill at the Argus Leader

Save the Date

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer to discuss agricultural water pollution issues

Pulitzer prize-winning editorial writer Art Cullen will visit Sioux Falls on Thursday September 13th to describe issues related to water pollution caused by farming.

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