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As a resident of eastern South Dakota, your life intimately intersects with the Big Sioux River. Whether it is simply a pretty sight passed on the way to work or the place families create big fish stories, its waters trace the shape of the lives lived in our wonderful city. The Big Sioux River offers countless recreational opportunities from the lights on the Falls in the winter to the paved paths that line its shores. Joggers, bikers, fishermen, kayakers, canoers, swimmers, hunters, campers, and everyone in between can find an offering hand being held out by our river.

Unfortunately, our river has seen better days, and non-point source pollution has threatened the health of this invaluable resource. High levels of E. Coli and chemicals have turned a community asset into a looming threat. However, with a proactive attitude, we can take back our river, and we are asking for your help! By becoming a member of or donating to Friends of the Big Sioux, you express your commitment to improving water quality for South Dakotans.

Friends of the Big Sioux River is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works with local businesses and legislators to promote awareness about water quality issues. Our members and resources are dedicated to educating the community about how our actions impact the river. We attempt to challenge those who view the river as a dumping ground. When coming up against these offenders, tensions run high, which is why we need your support to demonstrate a united front of South Dakotans fighting for their water.

With your membership, you are making a difference. Your member dues, a tax-deductible donation, would support the Friends of the Big Sioux River’s day-to-day commitment to change. Your dedication would help us run booths at local stores, create awareness campaigns, reach out to politicians, and much, much more. We can’t wait to show you what we can do.

Corporate Membership

Businesses who support Friends of the Big Sioux River demonstrate their commitment to their community, and we share that commitment with the community. River Sponsors are listed on our website and their sponsorship is announced in the newsletter of the month they join. River Sustainers are featured on our website and in our newsletter; a short summary of services provided by the sustainer and their logo appear in both places.

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**At the River Sustainer level, send us your logo (businesses) or a picture of yourself (individuals) and we will feature it on our website as well as spotlight you in an upcoming issue of our newsletter

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