2019 Water Quality Testing: A Trip Down the Big Sioux River

2019 has been a year of water! Beginning in February, precipitation levels began exceeding the average. The trend continued throughout the summer and into the fall. To date, southeastern South Dakota has already recorded almost 40 inches of precipitation, which is 15 inches greater than our annual average precipitation totals. With so much rain, our local lakes and rivers have been overflowing. Across the region, from Lake Madison to the Missouri, from the Big Sioux to the Vermillion River, communities have been dealing with an unimagined amounts of excess of water. The amount of flooding has had a huge impact on our watershed.

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FBSR Leadership Change: Honoring Dana Loseke

For each of our board members, our members, and our readers, Friends of the Big Sioux River means something different. To some, it is a way of life—a choice to defend the river, to live in harmony with the watershed. To others, it may simply be a name—a monthly newsletter browsed and discarded. From the diehard to the casual observer, we at FBSR strive to honor everyone’s relationship with the river, and that has been our goal since our inception. We seek to ensure that South Dakotans—past and present, urban and rural, from Grant County to North Sioux—can turn to the Big Sioux River as a source of enjoyment, pride, and community.

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EWG Study Finds Toxic Chemicals in Drinking Water

One of America’s most taken for granted luxuries is our access to clean and abundant water. Simply open the tap, and you can fill your cups and pans, wash your hands, and rinse your dishes. The average American does so without thought, assuming the free-flowing water is safe for use. However, a recent study released by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) says that our water might not be as harmless as we thought.

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