We want a cleaner river, and so should you!

As a resident of eastern South Dakota, your life intimately intersects with the Big Sioux River. Whether it is simply a pretty sight passed on the way to work or the place families create big fish stories, its waters trace the shape of the lives lived in our communities. The Big Sioux River offers countless recreational opportunities from the lights on the Falls in the winter to the paved paths that line its shores. Joggers, bikers, fishermen, kayakers, canoers, swimmers, hunters, campers, and everyone in between can find an offering hand being held out by our river. We started as a coffee group of individuals who lived, worked, and played near the Big Sioux River. Discussions centered on canoe trips, scenic walks, and river-positive practices. Over the years, talk turned to action. The group filed for 501(c)3 nonprofit status and spreading the word about the economic, aesthetic, and environmental benefits of a clean river. Each month, FBSR holds meetings that are free and open to the public. Through this continued collaboration with our community, we work towards a healthier river and stronger neighborhoods.


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